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This stunning high gloss 8mm tungsten carbide ring is accented by squares of iridescent abalone shell inlays covering the circumference of the ring. This unique combination of abalone shell inlay and high polish tungsten carbide reflects the latest fashion jewelry trend to experiment with metals to obtain unique and contemporary designs beyond the traditional styles commonly used in gold and silver jewelry.


Band width: 8mm

TU6003 Stunning Unisex Abalone Shell Inlay Tungsten Carbide Ring


  • Hardest metal used in fabrication of men's jewelry
    Its grayish color and high shine sets it apart from any other precious metals
    Virtually unscratchable
    It will hold its shape for a lifetime
    Permanent luster and corrosion free
    Cobalt free
    Will not tarnish or cause allergic reaction
    Heavier than most metals used in the fabrication of jewelry
    Cannot be resized

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